Peace of Mind

I couldn't imagine that the person who would hurt me the most,
would be you
I never fathomed that you'd be the one to
make my nightmares come true
The one person I once loved with all my heart unconditionally
Who molded me into who I am today, by breaking me down mentally
It seems like all you do is try to make a fool of me
When all I ever wanted was for you to love me
You spend so much time hurting me, being my enemy
When all I ever wanted was for you to hug me
I came into this world & was placed into your arms to feel safe
Yet I've been trying to fill a void
that you once left an empty space
My heart used to yearn for you, now I can't give you another tear
I gave you all the love I had for the last 28 years
I tried to honor you & I was humiliated
I tried respecting you but it was never reciprocated
I gave you chance after chance to do right
But you're content with being my enemy, always wanting to fight
Today I give this battle to God,
and I pray that he can save you in time
You wanted my attention but this is all i have left,
you will never have my peace of mind!

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