Peacefully Whole

Life was created out of many improbabilities,
Sustained through mankind's numerous deficiencies.
Each spring the tree prevails in the absence of sun,
And each winter survives in hope of the dark.
Against all odds,
Life will spark.
We often forget the trials,
And we seldom remember the beauty.
No matter who you are,
Whether you are rich or poor,
We are all here on this small planet of inconceivable triumph.
Living together,
Bound by an unbreakable tether...
If we could all let go of vanity,
We could see that we are never alone.
The very earth will breathe in us,
Allowing enlightenment to pass through.
Whatever the definition of this may be,
In the end it is all the same peace.
Hatred has begun to transcend
Into a diminished sense of compassion.
Do not apprehend the misunderstood,
For they are you,
They are me,
We are all one.

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