Pearl on my way

You are the faith, you are the vibe, you are the energy I cannot describe,
You are the feeling, you are the bribe, you are the medicine I’d always prescribe.

You are the door, you are the gate, you are the one I’m lucky to date,
You are the sparkle, you are the fate, you’re the temptation I honestly hate.

You are the frown, you are the pain, you are the blood running in my vein,
You are the joy, you are the rain, you are the fortune, I am supposed to gain.

You are the curve, you are the bend, you are the one I rarely offend,
You are the bond, you are the friend, you are the course I’m blessed to attend.

You are the gem, I want you to stay, you are the pearl I found on my way.
You are the secret, the chocolate on a tray, but just a weird stranger anyway.

Just a sweet moment, just a lucky sin, just a quick glance that made my head spin,
Just a fake smile, just a stiff grin, a long-lasting fragrance on my pale skin.

You are the passion, you are the sway, but just a complete stranger anyway,
You are the gem, I want you to stay, as you are the pearl I found on my way.

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This Poems Story

This poem captures a strange moment, a minute of strong attraction one does not experience often, something that might happen once in a lifetime. It is about a glance of a stranger that touches the soul and makes one think that you two have met before or at least have been made for each other. It is a bond made in a second that you cannot explain and comes out of the blue. This feeling rushes through your mind and body filling you with desire but you have to stop at that very moment as this time you are already with another person who you love and appreciate. You do not even understand how it could happen, you feel shame and this wonderful feeling is immediately filled with guilt. You stay with your partner and do not want to change anything for the world, but this moment will live in you as an unfulfilled desire, but still as a gift (a pearl) you got from life. All in all, it is about an unknown person who you cannot get off your mind, as you feel he was sent for you even if this encounter lasted only for seconds and he will never know how much it meant to you. As a nasty (or blissful) trick of fate I met him again 2 years later, at the same place, in the same situation. His look....I will never forget. The poem was written as part of "self-therapy" and was not meant to be a poem at all, first :) I just wanted to let out this skeleton in my closet. If one day it reaches the person it is about, I hope he will recognise himself. The rhythm it has refers to the beating of the heart and I can imagine it as a song and since I had to choose a category I opted for that...but could be a love poem too or just a simple writing of the heart, not the mind.