Peculiar Murals

Peculiar murals reflect the surreal reality
Of a devastating period
In which time passes sluggishly.
Isolation and despair abound
As the world waits for a vaccine
To cure the ills of an ailing world.

Peculiar murals are gazed upon
With the disconsolate eyes
Of those with uncertain future
Safely distanced from disease
with insanity lurking ‘round the corner
From lack of human touch.

Peculiar murals paint pictures
That recently seemed science fiction.
Ghastly cartoons in bright colors
Depicting anthropomorphic objects
Running away from civilization
Escaping into an open sterile desert.

Peculiar murals illuminate
Cityscapes on sides of office buildings
And businesses closed by Covid
Smiles are covered by masks
While unconcealed tears reveal
Our need for comfort and hope.

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