Pedal of a Rose

through this garden I walk.
in stilled silence
I watch a pedal fall from a rose
my heart beats in desperation,
as the gaarden comes to a close.

to a white gate im taken
with no clouds in sight
rust is nowhere
yet it is everywhere

through the skies I watch
trying to see my life unfold
only to see the rain fall
only to see a casket close

through this garden I walk,
in stilled silence,
someone notices a lost soul.
they hold two wings infront of me
and slowly sing...

"why oh why
are you afraid to fall
when you've had these wings
all along?
why son why
do you curse a gift
when all I've ever wanted
was to see you soar?
Why son why
do you close old doors
and seek one you've
never sought before?
why son why
do you walk alone
when you've always had the chance
to come home?"

through this garden I walk
to a gate far off.
my heart skips to a beat
excited to be home

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