Pedofile Profiles

Pedofile Profiles
A special place in hell.
Child porno they sell.
Pedofiles have no style.
They destroy, hurt, & defile.
They deserve no glory.
We need to all end their story.
They should be castrated & executed.
Blinded, deafened, & muted.
Probation should'nt even be disputed.
Paralyzed until they've realized.
True suffering.
Revenge with no wondering.
A hell on earth for them.
Their life should have never been birthed.
Their evil essence was unearthed.
A soul-less existence with no worth.
An entity that's cursed.
They walk among us.
Blending in so diverse.
Havoc & chaos they resurrect is worse.
They belong in a coffin in a hearst.
Heartless & the unpureist.
I wish them all dead.
To stay out of children's beds.
My words you saw & read.
From justice they fled.
Fugitives of crime.
Sentenced to death in time.
Bounty hunters hear their thunder.
Watch your back.
They will attack.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

(All them them should be catastrated & killed. Execution style)

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