Babyhood is like writing with a crayon, permanent but illegible.
Childhood is like writing with a pencil, legible but erasable.
Adulthood is like writing with a pen, legible and permanent.

Children often think that everyday is a fresh start,
everyday is a fresh page,
in pencil what happened yesterday,
won't affect today.
But in pen what happened last year,
still affects you today.

People always know you,
see you,
recognize you,
associate you,
with the first mark you make with that pen,
the first page you finish,
the first mistake you make,
and no matter what happens,
they'll always remember your first mark, with that permanent pen.

The instant you picked up the pen,
the instant it touched the paper,
your life became permanent.
No more crayons, no more pencils,
no more turning

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