Penitent Heart

Noble maid of Papal faith by her beauty she doth grace abbey halls, a shining light in the hallowed land wherein the Lord doth extend his hand, oh fair maid for you I would journey through endless days and through the fathomless night oh fair one you are a wonderous sight. A maid so pious yet so fair a child of faith yet with just ideals and a heart that doth care. Hallowed vows you must soon take wedded to he whom doth absolve sin, a soul forgiving and the true Lord ever worthy of you. A Bride of Christ you shall be a path that doth direct to darkness you see. Visions of pain malice and strife the foe to whom you wedded in this life and in eternal rest, a fallen soul of malice and endless woe a Darkness that doth thrive below. Holy maid, guiding light for whom in the face of death I would stand to fight for she my heart and my plight. Oh, fair one of Holy fate my heart doth bleed though I turn from foul lust and sinful greed oh fair one you do hold my heart. Bride of Christ for whom Blessed Mary points the way hold my heart and guide me to peace, pray my strife shall bring me to with Holy rest for in in this life of beauty and wonder my world is torn a sunder in deaths shadow I shall stand an empty soul with only cross and sword in hand. Bride of Christ carry my heart in this life and in the coming of death I shall stand a friend. Fair one wedded to Holy faith remember my love, never for me shed a tear for in Holy rest your prayer I will hear.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about a mans love for a woman who took the vows of a Nun.