Pennsylvania King Bed

No mark is on my head
No fact is in my head
No hat is in my stead
Steady, meddling
Steady in my head
Meddling in my bed
My fore-head fought with five fathers
My fire-hackers thought I was firing Harvard
Lie lie, keeping on lying
Lie to my guys; sigh to my guise
Oh go steady
Steady but scary
I care, go steady
Hiking, be scary
Scare off my bed
Stir up my head
Mistress Distress
Do me no troubles
I beseech you, skip my speech in stitches
Oh Dear Lion, dare your liars to cheer cherished cherries
I'm patient with you, patient Pilot
I'm patient with you, pirating my Pilates
Listen to the mark on my head
Gaze upon the sound of my bounces in the Water bed
I stole the King Bed to sleep in the king's bed
To sleep with the King in his head
He's keeping my head
I'm licking his bed
He's kicking as I lick his beards
He's burdened as I leak his peaks
His peaks on me... what do white people call it?
The white people I saw on TV while relishing in the ice of my nice cream
Now I'm leaking my licks of his peaks this week
So help me weakened goddess, picking puzzled puddings
Dazzled weaklings in Maple diggings
Weakened goddess, help me thus

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Guilty damsel confessing, too beautiful for a crime