Penny Two-Side

Some people are stars, flying through life
Some are planets, distant and cold
Some can be clouds, so giant and rife
The rain comes around with secrets to hold
I want to be something today
I can be the rose that will graze your cheek
I can be the vines that wilt from thirst
I can be the dove, flying high and meek
I can be the raven that sees you die first
I'm an owl because I look away
The flowers I held would flutter in my grip
The songs would purl with the wind
Now my mind's rankled, teeth gnawing my lip
The memories are now left to thin
I wish I could get those times back
Now I'm a beast that perches to stalk
Prowling as if there's no time
I always see pennies lodged in the sidewalk
One side is copper and the other is grime
All I see is me lodged in that crack

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This Poems Story

I am fourteen years old and since I was four years old, I've had a passion for storytelling. I'd always create stories involving fictional characters-pre fan fiction syndrome, as it is formally called-and I'd wheedle Mom into reading chapter books as bedtime stories. I pushed my creativity aside until I was twelve years old and fan fiction had become my favorite pastime. The stories I wrote were terrible, I will admit, but being terrible is what helps you become great. This poem emphasizes the fear of change. I've been through many ups and downs in my life, but sometimes, I like to count all my downs; they make me feel more thankful for my ups. From ages four to fourteen, I've had to argue with myself about who I really am. Am I a bouncy, little flapper chick that can recite any song lyric known to mankind, or am I a dark shadow with enough trauma in my eyes to send you running? Sometimes, it's hard to tell; and that leaves me feeling numb and empty. This poem has given me the opportunity to showcase that argument.