Pens and Swords

Ere our era of information and digitality,
Eons upon eons before our contemporary epoch;
Man, with flint in hand--or perhaps by the hand of Prometheus--
Struck upon the underbrush, and fashioned an inferno.
It then came to pass that Man put up his spear, in favor of the plow.
Man then mastered the flora as he had mastered the fauna,
And fabricated vast and insurmountable wonders that
Made Gaia weep in inferiority.
It then transpired that Man congregated in larger scales,
and created the abstract.
Music, culture, the arts, would never be the same as hitherto.
Man then conceived the notion that not all Men are created equal--
Nay! Some not mere Men at all!
And so it came to pass that for centuries,
Men would engage on the grounds
Of any whim they so held eminent.
What has changed from then to now?
Do we not engage for the sake of a passing whim?
Who are we, to cast off our humanity for a fleeting gain?
A new call must thunder across every mountain and every valley.
A call to yet again, put down our spears.

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