Penumbra's Scope

I have this existential dread
Building up like a shadow in my head
The shadow gets bigger, as I repeat weeks
Time goes on and I’m wary to speak
The penumbra starts to drip into my veins
My heart is tangled in the reins
I’m growing weak oh, believe me
My head and my heart weary
I sit still and dwell at night, in my bed
Wondering what it’s like to be dead
Sometimes I wish it was over
The shadows commence a hostile takeover
I’ve fought it’s invasion years long
I feel like all I do is consistently wrong
Perpetually fighting feels futile
I grow uneasy at the thought of future
When all your hope leaves your soul
And you feel cornered, it’s brutal
Time marches forward as I search for an escape
Medicated, Hospitalized, it’s only scotch-tape
For a beaten and suffering conscience
I think I found the answer
It’s morbid and vicious
So instead I close my eyes
And remove my disguise
Sleep is my salvation
Holy dullness, save me from damnation
Sleep is my salvation

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A poem about a dark state of mind