People should always respect one another,
People need to treat everyone as if they were brothers,
The reasoning is that all who disrespect will never be treated well,
But if you listen to your heart yell,
Then peace and war have no existence,
Only love and kindness will be persistent,
If you have no war you have no true peace,
Because you will live in fear of being weak,
To feel strong one must be better than another,
But under one nation we all could be brothers,
People tend to always commit sin,
But this is an imbalance of yang and yin,
The two-if neutral-cause calmness for society as a whole,
But this is impossible according to expectations and morals,
If we were to band together the world would be united,
Our lives and minds much more enlightened,
My words are for you to share my friends,
Please spread this until time may end.

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