Have you ever noticed, how people can be really cruel to you?
They do and say things that are simply not true,
How they blame you for what someone else is doing?
All because they don't want to see the truth about that person,
How they lie to you over and over again?
Than they watch you make a fool of yourself,
How they don't care about how you feel, or if they are hurting you?
They act like your feelings are not important,
How they think that no matter what they do or say it's ok?
Because they are who they are and can do as they please,
How upset they get when you start getting colder and colder to them and others?
Because than you are just cold hearted and never really cared,
How they don't realize that they are the reason you have become that way?
They don't see that life has been hard enough for you, that the things they do or say
crush's the little part of you that is left,
How even when they see that you have taken all you can take?
They still keep pushing and pushing as if they are waiting for you to break,
How when you try to talk to them, all they do is scream and yell,
Than the time comes when all you think about is leaving and never look back,
Because by leaving they can no longer blame you when things go wrong,
Than they might have to open their eyes and see the truth,
But when they do see the truth it will be to late to fix it,
Than they will have accomplished what they wanted
and destroyed what little part of you that was left
Than you can tell them the truth one more time,
And they can see just how far they pushed,
Because now you don't care anymore.

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This Poems Story

It's how my son and other family members make me feel. Disappearing seems like the thing to. But than again they probably wouldn't even care.