People and the Motherland

Look how fast time passes. Look how proudly you advance through life. Of course, sometimes you can't be yourself. But why hide your dreams?

You often cross your imagination limits. You're striving for something you don't yet understand. You think they'll see that, and by shouting, you will win something. Remember, an individual will always get lost in a crowd.

Look at others--look at yourself. It is you and them that make history. Do not fear responsibility, even if they accused you of being wrong.

Punishment--what punishment? Your fata will indicate it. When you uncover your sleepy dreams, bow your head and endure in pride. Return mentally to the place where currently you are not.

Because, in reality, each of us has a place in the world, which cannot be erased from memory. I know, and you know very well about this too.

Look how fast time passes. Look, an event follows anofher event. "Bless our motherland, Lord." You, however, I ask for forgiveness.

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