Let's reach out to
Don't hate because
We're not like you.

Learn to accept people
For who they are.
Quirky, different, odd,
Or bizarre.

Bible thumpers swear
It's a sin.
They say they're saving our
Soul and our skin.

Close-minded and blind,
In this day and age.
With the bible in hand
And full of rage.

Overflowing with hate
And hypocrisy.
Religion has no place
In democracy.

We can live side by side
In autonomy.
Come to a place where;
There is peace and equality.

We are not a disease,
It will not infect your children.
We are not evil, a monster
Nor a villain.

We are good solid people,
Yet, you refuse to see.
You and your god mean;
Danger for people like me.

Turbo1904 ?

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This is about the treatment of our LGBTQ people.