People of Color

We walk by a car and doors will get locked.
Our color of makeup is in the back and not in stock.
People think we are thugs who just start fights.
When all we want is equal rights.
Don’t resist and just comply is what we were taught.
Because of our skin color we will be shot.
Elijah McClain was killed because he looked suspicious.
He was just an introvert who played violin for kittens.
George Floyd was killed with a knee on his neck.
Yelling “I can’t breathe!” as he laid there and wept.
You know the story of Breonna Taylor being shot in her home.
Yet no one has got justice and we’re fighting alone.
They say Mexicans are just rapists and illegals.
They’re actually some of the most hard working people.
They say African Americans are just shoplifters and thugs.
When in reality they’re the main people who could use a hug.
No justice, no peace.
Protests and riots in the streets.
We’ll sign petitions and continue the fight.
Say their name until justice is served right.

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