People Reading

I am terrible at reading people
But I want to read her
She’s the kind of book I want to read cover to cover
Then start all over again
A book I would keep with me
Always learning new things from it
The kind of book that keeps me up at night
Reading until my eyes burn
Until I come to know every word
Could recite her from memory
I would memorize her,
Yet never grow tired of her
She would be my favorite book
A holy text more sacred than any other
She’s a book that could move me to tears
And make me laugh in the next sentence
The kind I want to live inside of
Curled up between the pages of her text
The kind I can’t put down,
More enchanting than any version of reality
Whose pages become worn,
Soft from the touch of my fingers
I am not a people reader
But I want to read her

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