People Should Sleep on Beds

Pavements do not drink though;
But they have been bars of grape wines
To sulk leisurely every night
As they watch TV
Of hundred birds in flight.
Ending in nets
Or in jars
Or between garbages.
As much as bullets sleep with babies,
When they're trick on 3am and
When skies are in blankets
Or with fine yolk in breakfast―
broken eggs became streets' phobias.
Dear Toto,
Chlorine salts can suffocate you―
and your neck you see;
"Guns do not scare."
You see don't play with these.
"Arrows do not scare too."
But I hope they spill from my lips instead
Before they land in my crown
Or in my cave where ECG's found
I hope I won't be parading
With prada shades

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