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People Watcher

I am a people watcher
I watch smiles.
I watch tears.
I watch gossip.
I watch truths.
I watch lies.
My thoughts are my company.
My memories make me smile.
They sometimes make me cry.
Sometimes I feel lonely.
I watch people feel.
I watch happy.
I watch sad.
I watch jealous, anger, and disgust.
I watch it all.
Break ups, kisses, roasts, passing conversation.
I watch myself before I offer an opinion.
Before I ask a question.
Before I feel.
Before I try to be something more than a people watcher.
Sometimes I wish I had a people watcher.
One that would laugh at my face as I talked with friends.
One that would envy the life I have.
One that would call me selfish and beautiful.
My people watcher would know who my friends are.
They would know my feelings.
Know my heart.
Know my lies.
But, there aren't people watchers for people watchers.
They are just too rare.
Too different.
Too lonely.
I like my life.
It is interesting.
Crazy like a soap opera.
Entertaining like a good book.
Unique like every sunrise.
My life is a choice.
A creation.
It is pure emotion and pondering.
It is a gift.
Because what else could be better than that of the life of a people watcher?

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