Pep Talk

Lord, I’m Tired of trying
I’m Tired of crying
Tired of everyday more and more of my spirit is dying
No more tears to cry
No more smiles to bear
Keeping me on earth just don’t seem fair
I feel like I’ve failed as a mother and wife,
Feel like I have wasted your precious life
Yes,I said yours, life’s a gift from you
So I’m asking you Lord, what should I do
Daughter you can hold on a little bit longer
I am your maker, I made you stronger
I know what you are going thru I see it all
I give the toughest battles to the strongest soldiers
because I know they won’t fall
Just keep on pushing I promise I’ll be there
I won’t put more on you than I know you can bare
So push on my child, keep pushing thru
You are never alone I’m right here with you.

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