Pep Talk

PEP Talk
Look when need to talk
all the violence everywhere needs to stop
there’s more bullets in your gun then years you've been on this earth
stop judging people on there race or sexuality
we all have mouth’s
we all work
we all go to school
so what’s the point
dad’s should be there to turn their little boy’s to young men instead of just leaving the mother to fix all the broken pieces
brother’s and sisters should take care of each other because one day they have to depend on each other
student’s needs to stop bullying each other because you don’t know what the kid is going through.
kids should stop arguing with their parent’s because when they're gone you can’t get them back.
keep animal’s safer and stop hurting them. What did those puppies ever do to you
we need to stop all of this and realize when we start out life, It’s like a flamingo, you're born dull and there’s nothing to do but grow into something nice and beautiful
So let’s stop all of this alright
Nice pep talk.

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