Perceived Reality

Experiencing the notion that perception is our reality
Challenged by responsibility
Rationalizing actions committed from instant decisions.
Definitions of existence, quantifications of legitimacy
Opposition found only by individualism

Perception becomes our reality,
Subsequent forming of billions of truths,
Validation derived from thoughts, echos,
Insight held off perceptions of truth.
Composing absoluteness from knowledge amassed.

There is not a vice found within the self,
Compared only to decisions made in differing realities.
Hues, essences, aromas; pallets differing individually,
Lacking capability to adopt alternate perceptions,
Acception of a new reality, replacement of ourselves.

Employing revelations, convictions adopting validity.
Devoid of external existence from the subconscious,
Confirming accepted interpretations,
Where perception became our reality

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