Perceiving Light

Perceiving light

with the crackled footsteps followed by the movement our bodies created

We became deceived by the continuous movement of our globe passing through from light to darkness

We leapt into an underpass of possibilities where the light was hidden taking the color from our eyes

The particles of light deceiving each movement
to where our focus was shifted to the shadows
constructed by our figures

This idea of fear is the correlation of sound and darkness coming after our senses attacking our emotions

With no light our eyes can only perceive figures
hence, the colors consume eachother creating what we see as darkness

This idea of fear is a creation made by society to where we ascertain darkness in assembling peace

Light strained from our eyes we are equal

The lies we begin to slowly intertwine from our life fabricated by society start to perish

What we see is our individualized opinion of equality

The historical past of confronting one another defusing into a crusade of agitation over the glimpse of the color of skin.

formed by this idea of society and equality we are stripped from our judgments.

the speed of light obstructed and we are peacefully equal.


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