I exist when you walk.
I exist when you talk.
I exist When You Weep. I exist in the Deep.
Floating through this ocean there's a lot of cool things you'll find, like how the idea of perception is all in your mind.
I exist in the key. I exist in the lock. I exist in this creep.
I exist in the Deep, as I delve deeper in this ocean of my mind.
I begin to open boxes halfway unsure what I may find.
Lots of little dino nuggets and crunchy curly fries.
I exist while you're eating I exist in my mind.
Perception can be a tool so when you're in a bind and things seem to seem unsure, know you haven't lost your mind.
I exist all through life.
I exist All for Love.
I exist just to exist.
Some say exist from above.
I exist all through time a heavy burden you shall reap so remember perception exists floating through this ocean, but only in the Deep.

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