So many situations arise as I sit here.
I wonder what layed each person's foundation.
Most people are built up from vigorous lines.
Figuring out my goals in life without any communication.

Everyone in the world is so different.
Not even twins could remain the same.
All things together also become distant.
Facing circumstances in life will create change.

Attitudes and common sense come from perception.
Each and every choice came from a decision.
Every idea came from a previous recollection.
So many plans conspire through tension.

In society so many people are lead by emotions.
Hold on to your breath as you hear the sound of my voice.
Each thought was derived by power of devotion.
Those thoughts are transformed into a choice.

Some people are just to good to be true.
My hope is to find someone else like me.
It's hard to find someone who has the same goals as you.
I will never know for sure so I just have to believe.

Even if it wasn't the right choice.
Can you live with your mistakes?
I'm determined and motivated to stay on course.
Everything can be rebuilt, redesigned, and rearranged.

Everything was an idea of a thought that became creation.
In my life there couldn't be anything I've wanted more.
To begin with the idea of a new innovation.
If I have to fail a thousand times to get back to before.

I'm stuck standing in the middle of crossroads.
Wondering which way do I go or stay.
I thought that I was headed in the right direction or close.
I ended up here because of all the choices I've made.

It's hard to believe in yourself when, only you are proud.
The things I once thought to be possible, are recollection.
It's almost impossible to stay positive when everyone else doubts.
It's all how you choose to view the scenery of perception.

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