I been growing through time, hitting rock bottom
Expecting change in my life but life is still a struggle
Times are still difficult, almost becomes predictable
Putting smoke in my lungs like things are getting better
But times get tougher as life moves on
Wishing and praying expecting life to get easier
But things don't come without a change in my life
So what am I to do but close my eyes and speak to the night
Let my dreams come true through the days of my life
Waiting for the unexpected to Come to light
Realizing money doesn't come over night
But instead through hard work and jobs are getting harder to come by
So how do I accomplish the impossible
better yet this just became my mission
My goal, my life long dream making the impossible possible
For my future to grow, for my talent to show
And watch as life takes an unpredictable turn of events
Seeing empty pockets get full, seeing shame turn to pride
From slouched shoulders to my head held high
With a smile on my face because of everything I went through
To get to this point was hell but still I rise
With a child on the way what a surprise
But I never lost sight of better times, my mind stayed focus
My body still works, my heart is still beating
And now finally I can say I earned my prize.

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