The morning ray hit me as I woke up that morning.

I went outside, took a deep breath in

and was on my way to the long day ahead of me.

It was a beautiful, crisp morning.

Pigeons were snaking on the remains of an old loaf

of Italian bread and the sky was full of blue

with hints of white puffs in between.

As I looked around at the New York City streets

it seemed like all of that started to fade away as the

sound of chattering feet started to surround me.

All the people dressed in ties, suits, and fancy dresses

didn't even seem to pay the outside world any

attention, like they were looking

at a straight line in front of them and nothing else.

Then I looked down and saw something slowly moving on the pavement.

It was a snail, a snail that seemed to be slowly examining

each little slither it took, not paying anyone any mind.

Then I thought to myself,

I wonder how we as people view the world. How we miss

all the precious things the world has to offer and how maybe,

if we all were like the snail we would view the world in a

different light.

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