Perfect is a seven-letter word.
Seven is your favorite number.
Would you define perfect for me?
Flawless, faultless, ultimate
You are none of the above,
So why do you think you are?

I know I'm not, but I don't act like it.
You're always treating me like a child.
You always reproach me,
Like I'm a little child who dirtied your floors.

You're always obfuscating the facts.
No one else knows the dirty truth except for me.
Your presence went from fine to tepid to scorching.
You left me with too many burns.

I see you undulating down the hall.
I avert my eyes.
It's all fake.
Annoying as a dog wagging its tail.
You knew I was going to fall, and you were waiting for it all.

You're just a shrill voice to match an ugly personality.
You're done putting me in peril.
Now, watch me rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

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