Perfect Ending

Looking into your eyes is like feeling the sunrise on my soul.
As the dew starts to evaporate,
my heart starts to elevate to the point of levitation.
So me complimenting you is just the beginning of my appreciation...
Your voice is soothing, like a cool San Francisco summer night.
I gaze at you like you're the golden gate,
amazed at how you were created.
I lose myself in the memories we share;
I'm brought back to reality by realizing you're not in my presence.
How I yearn to be hypnotized by a simple whiff of your essence...
You are as rare as a flawless diamond in the coal mines in Cairo,
More beautiful than Aurora Borealis,
distinguished and so eloquently personified;
These are just a few traits,
when so many thoughts could be emphasized.
I shower you with flatteries, but none are truly needed-
just one look at you would justify the purpose of my reasons.
Together, we spin a web of embrace until we are as one,
until the night is over and the next day has begun.
When our night of desire has ended, the spark that will remain
is one that's filled with passion from our rekindled flame.
Your affection is everlasting, no bounds to our companionship.
Words of adoration aren't strong enough to complete this manuscript.
So once the writings over, make love our new beginning.
For now, we wade through troubled storms-
but soon, we'll have our perfect ending!

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