Perfect family

I wonder if you will be happy if I leave
Or will you grieve,
No one will believe you though
Because you already put on that dumb show
I already left you and now you want me back
What you lack is a white heart because yours is all black
But that wasn't my fault, no matter how many times you say it was
Let me stop you right there, and give you an applause
For all your actions, all those years that you took from me
Did you think you got a guaranteed
That I would live on, or stay alive for you
I tried to pull through
But that's not what you wanted no you wanted me in the ground
So what did you do? You bound me with your chains and made me drown
You kept on cutting me like a butcher
And all you did was look forward to your future
So what about mine
You complained that all I do is whine
And tossed me aside
While I died
While I screamed for help, you got rich off of me
Was that all you cared about, your money tree
“Why didn't you help me, what did I do wrong, I'll fix myself just tell me what you don't like about me”
This is the questions I ask myself like this was the only key
To everything, I thought that I wanted back
But then I turned black
So now we're back to where it all started and where it ended
Did it surprise you by how I'm presented
“Do you wish to turn back time, wish for me back, or want to do something different” are these the questions you're asking yourself
Am I a book that you can put back and take out of the bookshelf
Let me remind you that this is what you did to me
I didn't ask for this, so while you lived like a wannabe
I screamed for your help over and over again
Till all I felt were chains and all the pain
So I decided to end all of it
I grit my teeth and grab my “toolkit”
Slowly and painfully slit my wrists
But you don't know that I did more than that, but that would be a long list
I'm running out of time and space on this piece of paper
Sorry that I'm your only failure
At least you got what you wanted 1 daughter and 1 son, the perfect family.
That their was no need for me, in your perfect little fantasy.

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