Perfect Figure

In our world today,
we’ve willingly segregated ourselves by judgments.

We’re so indulged in our look,
in our figure,
in what we put on.

What is it about other people’s opinions that makes us jump up
and try to fit their visions?

A corrupt world’s allusions.
Allusions on perfection,
allusions of acceptable regulations,
allusions blend with delusions and we have formed a society with
food eaten in perfect calculations,
going out only after going through great preparations,
resulting in many cancellations,
inflicting great limitations
on what we can actually do in this generation.

We’ve become so obsessed
with making women have the perfect figure.
They are pressured to have an S line
when they should be taught that any body shape is fine.
We’ve made men out to be this perfect masculine figure.
But not all men can have an athletic demeanor.

We infatuate ourselves in our weight and the brand of our clothing,
but in reality, we are just branding each other based on our appearance.

Reality plays an important role in showing that diversity is in our anatomy.

What defines our beauty?
Why is it that we’ve become copies of each other?
Can’t you tell the difference between a beautiful face
and a beautiful person?
We focus on other people’s lives and trying to be better
but if we focused on our mind and understood one another,
we might just be able to accept individuality’s perfect figure.

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