Perfect Imperfections

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Vibrant light, so elegant yet so oblivious. Words breathless from running through the fields of your pastel colours, you awaken me. I adore your radiance, there was nothing more flawless or perfect than you. I awaken myself to an outburst of sun descending upon me, from the gloom and dust of her unknown. I feel your moist, light arms caressing my weak young legs-just standing in the prison of your presence. For the sun foreshadowed your dispiriting winds. I was oblivious to the light, blinded to the change, I saw through your blissful eyes- Your Winter would never age.
Playful, lustful…Complicated. I dive into a pool of marvel and poison into the depths of her unknown. You lure with your floral sweet passion and your mysterious sweet beauty. You were my music in the warm summer evenings, you were the sweet in the salty sea, you were my everything in a deserted nothing. Till all you evaporated, times were changing, the leaves wept from the trees, and the sun began to walk away from my sky. Days became shorter, darkness eroded my weary mind. Summer lover, your sun falls away, I still stare at your flowers- every single day. You inspire me sweetly and I desire you repeatedly.
I say goodbye to your summer memories. I wave hello to the hell that is this landscape. Nothing was as scary as your Halloween, as the crimson sprouts from the ground. Twilight moonlight, you disguise your purity. Your honest brutality, wonder and lust. The skies as brittle and diverse as your simple black. Your love melancholy, dies within my darkness. I walk down the hollow lane of your home, lit up by the sodium undertones- I saw the ravens pass me by, crying out within the darkened sky.
Hello to the beauty that is your winter. Lust, crisp, raw air that is touch. I feel heavenly safe walking down the boulevard with a sweet scent of your petrichor aroma that lingers within the land of your senseless beauty. The dead of morning, I awaken at his 444 and sleep in my 555. I stay awake to the lifeless serenity of dusk and gaze my eyes upon your sheets of ice. Your blatant, bleak weather of such immense clarity disappears into a deluge of your winter wonderland. This tropical sensation of torrential rain was reviving, somewhat between on the edges of your hell and my paradise. The brontide euphoria that I cried upon. I see people of empty faces pass by hiding themselves behind a shadow of their own embarrassment- The outburst of such depressing beauty was attracting. I see the tree- once of wisdom. His branches titanic, spread above with his beautiful hazel bark preaching out upon a crowd of futile snow.
It was finally that day, day of season. I seek no response but I see no feeling. The angels hear me, because I heard them too. Now I find myself hanging on you. My body spazzes above the dejected land- still heartless yet so blue. I feel warm upon this sense of emptiness, I feel whole in this empty meant fulness, I feel freedom just like you. I wanted to feel alive…just like the nature, I died too.
111. 666. 13.

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