Perfect Lies

Perfect hair and teeth, perfect makeup, perfect body, perfect life.
I would see girls who look like they haven't eaten in weeks.
They look so happy, so carefree.
I wanted to be one of those girls.
I would spend hours trying to perfect my makeup and hair,
I would go through my closet and find nothing to wear,
I would spend money on makeup just to look like everyone else.
I would spend all of my time worried about how my hair looked.
I wouldn't eat at all before going to the beach or water parks.
I spent hours trying to look like the models in the pictures.
I would dye my hair any color, just to feel attractive.
I was more worried about trying to look perfect,
rather than being comfortable in my own body.
I was not happy.
I began asking myself if all the drastic changes would be worth it.
Do I have to fake a smile to be happy?
Do I have to starve myself to feel attractive?
Do I have to spend loads of money on makeup to look cute?
Do I have to look like someone else in order to feel beautiful?
I began to care less about my appearance and more about my character.
Focus on how you want to see yourself not what others want you to be.
We live in a world where being perfect trumps being yourself.
We live in a world full of perfect lies.

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