Perfect Timing

By Trisha   

Standing outside in the pouring rain, carelessly watching the time roll by,
We were always the last to arrive so it was no surprise.
When you ran up behind me, wrapped your arms around me, and playfully laughed out loud. As we walked in together to face that timely crowd. Not a single person batted an eye because we were never on time.

You are my best friend, my sister, and everything in between. Wild child with a gypsy soul, yeah that’s us. Dancing to the beat of our own drums was normal for you and me. At least our lives are lived unapologetically.

Plans were put in place and there were memories to be made,
Couldn’t wait for the people we would see, the drinks we would drink, or the photos we would take.
When the phone would just ring and ring because I was calling you and you were calling me just to assure each other everything was just fine. Don’t worry, I’m hurrying, ya know I’m never on time.

What happens to the rest of the world when time stands still? Do you catch up because your always last or do you fall further behind? I never use to give it much though but now I know I always will even though it’s not really answers I’m looking to find.

Needing sound solid and totally honest sisterly advice,
Wanting to meet you in the middle, you come my way and I’ll come yours.
Throw it in park, sit in the dark, and have us a real nice cry. Never got mad knowing we would certainly be there but just never gonna be on time.

Living life fearlessly is a dangerous thing when this world can swallow you whole. Learning lessons the hard way was really the only way we learned. What a waste of time to find reason and rhyme in every direction you go.

They use to poke at us and say we would surely arrive at our own funeral late,
We use to find it so funny but now it’s a phrase I absolutely hate.
For the first time ever, never say never, you showed up way too soon. You left this world without me, without any warning, and didn’t even say goodbye. Please save a spot for me, sissy I’m coming, but as you know I’m just running a little behind… because Im just never on time.

Shine your light down upon us so that no matter when or where we know you’re still there and remind us to not worry about why… you're in God’s house now, angel, and we know you arrived right on His time.
Now you’ll always be there, always on time.

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This Poems Story

My sister passed away in 2015. She was my very best friend in the whole world. We were best known for always being late to any family function. This poem came to me when I accepted that this was His plan.