Perfect Words

By Bee Lor   

Trying to convey the depths of our hearts in words
Is, so hard - Some come close, but it's never a perfect fit
Awake in reality, I cling to things that try to explain it better
But it's never really the right pieces either

I swear, I'm trying, I want to so bad
But the sand is slipping through my fingers
There I stand, feeling misunderstood
Words from the world, doesn't make sense either

Passing each other by, like in dreams
We embrace briefly, and only a slight memory resides

There was a kiss that sealed us together
And there I felt our present, and all our past lives
Like a memory that rushed back to me
There our journey ends, and we part

All the songs, all the poetry, and confessions of love
They all exist and yet the emptiness is real too
Bittersweet - Ah, but that's the wrong word
The deep sadness of disconnection

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