We sure put on a show, but in the end we all know.
It often made us so glad, but it ended so sad.
Thirty two wins and one loss. Glory came with a cost.
You can't win them all. In the end you may fall.
The memories that we've made will always be in the shade.
The shade of that one loss.
Outsiders will say, "One loss is not such a price to pay."
But they do not know that was the last game we would play.
It was the last time that this team would take the field,
and we knew not what the future would yield.
So close but so far away, perfection stolen from us in one day.
Many search and never receive, others try but give up and leave,
it is the thing we all want but never achieve.
Perfect is something we all wish we were,
but despite this we know that one thing is for sure.
Nobody is perfect and no one will be,
and nothing you ever do will come free.
It is the effort that counts, not the result that amounts.
Do not dwell on the past, because not everything lasts.
Just remember you tried, and try not to hide
in the shade.
The shade of that one loss.

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