Her back is to the world because she feels revolting
you see, you're little girl is reducing to a life
of pushing her plate of food away like it poison
all because of perfection.

we are a nation of ejection in correction
even to our own complexion what about we teach them
a change of direction.

start by telling her it's alright to ugly cry
because it's the only way to get it out .
tell her she don't have to use hair dye
to find a good guy.
in if he don't love her for who
she is she just got to tell him goodbye.

tell her rejection is just another reaction
when a man is scared to give you commitment
explain to her when he said it not her it's
really not her because she is a picture
of perfection
tell her for her own protection.

why are we so obsess with perfection?

it's just another disease of this nation........think about it.

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