Is this what perfect looks like?
Skinny legs, D-cup breasts is all they see
Tanned skin, tiny waists (obviously) the opposite of me
Thin is beautiful, if I starve myself beauty I win
Jealous men,
Thirst for bigger and better thinks that's what beauty is about
Size of breasts the perfect tanned,
perfect toned, perfect flat stomach, rich perfect goddesses
To me there's only one, the one wherein you're contented;
Where you learn to accept and love your own beautiful self
Your zits, your pimples, your "muffin-top",
Your weight, thickness, long hair, short hair,
brown, blonde, red, ginger,
Curly, straight, wavy, frizzy, short,
tall, your nose, ears, teeth, smile,
Beauty that matters lies in our soul, our mind, our inner core.
Cleansed by good people,
surrounding with mothers, aunts, uncles, dads
That truly love you for you, your family and friends.
When you love what's in you, you're true self,
and your inner child-like self
Your true self, your true instinct
You yourself will love what's on the outside.

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