"I'm broken," she said, and I looked in her eyes,
Then I saw what she saw, and I started to cry.
Her face filled with sadness, as I felt my heart break.
I put on a smile, just for her sake.

I looked her over, from head to toe,
to find what was broken, just so I could know.
There was nothing broken except a few very small things.
There was nothing to fix, without clipping her wings.
When I looked right at her, this is what I saw,
my best friend alone, just trying not to fall.

A tormented angel unaware of her beauty
lost in the dark, not sure what she'll be.
There may be some cracks, but remember the story they tell.
If you are truly broken, then I must be as well.

If only you could see, exactly what you are,
you would know that you're not broken, but that you're a perfect star.
So next time you think you're broken, remember what I said.
Your flaws make you amazing, don't let them fill you with dread.
Remember you're my sister, my perfect friend for life.
And if you're broken so am I, but I'm willing to pay that price.

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