Why don’t you care?
I try so hard to be perfect
And as perfect as I could ever be
Perfection you will never see
Flaws and mistakes is what I’ll always be

Beauty I see
Just not in me
I write of love that is beautiful
But it is love I’ve never seen
Or think could ever be

He writes me sweet words that rhyme
Hidden away never to be seen
Forgotten in time
Years from now I will be gone
With only a memory to live on

Looking in the mirror one last time
I see an aged body through the years
Wishing I could rewind
And see beauty in the mirror this time

Opening my tear filled eyes
Looking back at me in the mirror
I see the young beautiful girl I used to be
There all along
Just never seen by me

It is impossible to see beauty with blindfolded eyes
Going through life blinded and bound
Too afraid to walk away
From a world who has set their aim on your pain
But has no ammo to put you to shame

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