Perfection of society

Chattering teeth behind soft lips,
If you saw me smile would you know it was fake? Maybe when I start walking with clanking knees you will understand the sweet sorrow of Satan taking hold of you.
When I start to cry black instead of blue, will you know that I am a careful tourist in my own home? Beautiful skin for only covering non beautiful mistakes. Talent to cover ever narrow regret and many more to come. Sleeping with a dream catch might carry the bad hurt away but my dreams with it as well, why else is it called a dream catch? When it should only catch the bad ones. Messy hair to show that my mind wonders beyond my body as it sinks into my bed because of depression. Shaking hands to show that I have been through so much but I can never let go. Which one is weaker the mind or the heart? Both because they agree to give you more tries no matter how hard you hurt me the previous day and when I can finally rest my head when your gone I will know I am free.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this one in a pretty dark place when I was struggling to find who I am and who I was meant to me, I am finding pieces of her everyday.