To be perfect,
You must have no faults.
None at all.
Which is incapable.

Everyone would be the same,
Which would so, so dearly be annoying.
If everyone was the same,
Everything would be so plain.

Our world would practically be.
Black and white I guess.
People would laugh at those
Whom choose to stand out.

Because those people
Know their faults in which,
They understand their place
In the line of life.

Which in their understanding,
Is off the line,
Starting a new revolution
For the outstanding faults within.

So, as the new life starts,
The old one disappears,
And everyone becomes.
Their true self.

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This Poems Story

My poem "Perfection?" was honestly written for me. I never felt perfect or how people want me to be, but I then decided that I would be me, I would stand out for me! Now, I have done it. I'm glad I did. Everyone should love themselves for them, and not try to be someone that others want them to be. My name's Nikita Aubichan Desjarlais and I have accepted myself for me.