Perfectly Broken

Twist of her hair, flick of her wrist. The soft caress
when you kiss her lips. Solid foundation, a perfect scene.
Totally wrapped in her being. Half broken smile
that lights up the room. The aroma of her brilliance
fills the gloom. Heartbreak mended,
the crack starts to close. Gleaming and laughing,
perfect as a rose. Perfectly broken,
a Tasmanian ride. So close to death
her time almost expired. What dramatically
happened where she had one petal left?
What made her rise out of the depths?
When she looked in the mirror it was a stranger who said..
you are not who I thought, you might as well be dead.
Just as these thoughts iluminated her mind, another
one burst through just in time. I love you.
I'm here. You are never alone.
Sometimes my silence is to bring you closer to home.
You had to experience the need, the desire.
I had to wait until you blew out your fire.
See, where there was no hope, you lived in that demise.
So just as you were about to leap I had to open your eyes.
That was never hope that swept you off your feet,
That was you getting pulled down into a comfortable seat.
It's so easy to stay and let yourself rot.
All through your life this is what was taught.

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