Perfectly Imperfect

There is always going to be someone that wants to break you down,
Someone is always going to try to see your smile upside down,
People are always going to judge you,
Parents are always going to control you,
Haters are always going try to put you down,
There will be guys who just want to ruin a girls life,
There will be girls who are afraid of being who they really are,
All of this will be true for as long as we keep trying to be "perfect",
We should be strong enough to not let people break us,
Don't let anyone take away your smile,
Be positive so haters cannot have anything to hate,
Be smart enough to not let mean guys control your life,
Never be afraid to be who you are,
Everybody has they're own idea of perfect,
You can never please everyone no matter how much you try,
God made us all imperfect and in his eyes we are all perfect,
We are all perfectly imperfect,
We are who we are,
In gods eyes you will always be a shining star,
Like Miley said,
"Only God can judge us so forget the haters because somebody
loves you"
God will always love you for just being you.

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