Perfectly Imperfect

I’m hurt
I’m trying not to let it show
I just wish i could sleep for days
Just lock myself in my room
And lay in the dark
Wake up with you erased
Sedatives don’t work
I wanted to be there for you
I don’t want to walk away
I maybe crazy for thinking
Maybe she’ll want me one day
You fucked me up deep inside
Yet you’re the only one I’m focused on
A song could remind me of those good old times
I was walking the beach last night
And it reminded me of the time you were there smiling..glowing
It’s crazy how things change
How people’s emotions change
Revenge sounds oh so sweet
Yet i would not have the heart to do so
Shit’s crazy
I wanted you in my life
I thought you wanted me in yours
Guess i was wrong for thinking we were on the same page
This isn’t my usual happy about life poem
I don’t blame you for anything
It’s me who wore her heart on her sleeve
I wake up thinking maybe she’ll change her mind
Maybe she’ll realize
That today will be different
With the same disappointment that i wake up to everyday
I sit at the beach trying to clear my head
I can’t
Maybe because i thought we wouldn’t be through yet
Maybe it’s me
Because everybody finds something that needs to be fixed within side of me
I’m to closed in
I don’t care enough
My attitude is too much
I need to stop going away for a few days without connecting with anybody
I care too much
When will i be perfect
I tried so much to be right
Yet I’m sitting here with tears flooding out
From writing how i feel
When will enough be enough
My heart doesn’t feel the same
Anger runs through my veins
Yet you aren’t the one to blame
It’s me for thinking that shit would change.

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