Perfectly Imperfect

You see this smile on my face

It's so fake, you see

Because me is what sometimes hate to be

I try to laugh it off, but it's so very true

My deepest darkest feelings, Oh! you gave no clue

Depression, yes it's been there

If I start crying, please don't stare

But then again, I probably wouldn't care

Sometimes in life, you can get so down

That it seems like you're about to drown

I've been there and back again

But the key is don't let it sink in

Society tells what they believe is pretty everyday

I admit that effects me almost always

I've was the girl who just didn't' fit in

So I decided to make my own set of friends

I may not be the prettiest or the most physically fit

But I know that I am rightly well worth it

You see there is someone for everyone

No matter what shape, size, or race

We all bleed the same color, when you cut in any place

Nobody is perfect, not even the most beautiful woman or man

Treasure what you were born given or change what you can

Beauty goes further than your skin

For beauty is layers wrapped up within

People like me may not have the best clothes, shoes, or car

But they have heart & determination which has proven to take you far

So before you judge someone's outward appearance or situation

Just think that could be me in a matter of vindication.

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