Perfectly lost

Prefectly Lost

Ballerina skirt and combat boots

She is the most productive mess ive ever seen
9 times out of 10 she has no idea what she is doing but she does it with a style all her own

Floating around like a butterfly in a field of flowers she is something magically simple

Shes a joint with the windows rolled down and your feet on the dashboard

She'll give you some random trinket that will resemble something unknown to you but it'll be something that reminded her of you

Shes a ride to your place when you're walking in the rain She's also the one that no matter how much you try to hide it she can see your pain

She sees why you hurt
she sees why you're sad she understands that a wrong choice doesnt make you bad

She cares when no one else will
Shes like a napkin that soaks up all the feelings you spill

Shes a lecture when you do wrong but will also be the hand that saves you when you can't hold on

Sometimes shes a 2 a.m. knock at the door because her life's a mess
but she will be the same one that next morning wearing a smile in her dress

Shes always there for you no matter the cost
She seems to care about everything even though

she isPerfectly lost.

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