Perhaps its Time


Do the things in life always happen for a reason?
Events unfold in their own time, space and season
In 2020 we watched COVID's mystery unfold
Wear your mask in public, it's good we're told
Meetings are virtual and life seems surreal
Roll with the changes, don't make a big deal
My time became so precious and rare
In the past it seemed I just did not care
Now I'm often found pulling out my hair
Follow the arrow, keep six feet between
I'm trying to be safe, not trying to be mean
So much we don't know and fear causes hate
I'll do what I can; not leave it to fate
Eating too much and binge watching galore
I hope when its over I can still fit through the door
Not enough toilet paper and that makes the news
Just turn it off, now that's what I'll choose
Our planet is dying, turns out we're the cause
Can my life like my TV just be put on pause
Maybe if we start thinking of us all as just one
The healing and change will have finally begun
If we all did a little, so much more could be done
And if we use our heads, perhaps make it fun
Maybe its time for new beginnings you see
We can be the change we truly want to see
It really is up to just you and me

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