And God said to himself,
"Perhaps I'll give it one more try.
I must admit last time was quite a flop -
I gave them minds too powerful :
Intellect, free will and their strange
Natures could never seem to mix -
Then came their technologies!
The mess they made of Earth! -
It burned up brighter than their Sun......
Lucky I kept The Garden to myself."

"Still, it seems a pity
To let such hard work go to waste -
A breath or two's enough to cool Earth down.
It'll be simple enough to start again :
Filling the seas, greening the land,
Making fish and flowers.
It will be fun, of course,
Thinking up new animals.
I've kept my touch - I'm more creative now -
I'll work this out, the second time around."

When God finished he took a nap,
But restless dreams still haunted him.
"I'm lonely," God thought, "Earth is incomplete"........
So in his image man was formed.
Chancing it, God set man on Earth
And for insurance sent along his Son,
Confident, from this act, love would return ..........

A safeguard for his masterwork.

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